Standard 5 Materials

State Requirements for Standard 5 (Teacher Rubric, Specialized Service Professionals (SSPs), Principals, Assistant Principals, & TOSAs-Deans, Instructional & Non-Instructional)

The Colorado Great Teacher and Leaders Act (SB 10-191) SB 10-191 required that 50% of an educator’s evaluation be based on educator impact on student learning/outcomes in relation to the Colorado Academic Standards/educator's job role and responsibilities.  Per SB 22-069 the use of student growth data from the Colorado Growth Model or district/school performance frameworks may not be used in MSLs/MSOs for the 2022-23 school year.   In addition, Senate Bill 22-70 updated the MSL/MSO portion of the evaluation to account for no more than 30% of an educator's evaluation starting in the 2023-2024 school year.  

TEACHERS:  The basic requirements in the State Board of Education Rules for Teachers (including TOSAs): 

SPECIALIZED SERVICE PROFESSIONALS: The requirements for Specialized Services Professionals (SSPs) include:

PRINCIPALS & ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS:  The requirements for Principals & APs include: