Colorado Performance Management System (COPMS-RANDA Solutions Tool)

Tutorials for the COPMS-RANDA Solutions Evaluation Tool

  • COPMS-RANDA: Link to the State Model Evaluation tool (COPMS-RANDA Solutions). Bookmark this link and NOT the actual log in screen to avoid access problems.

  • COPMS-RANDA Demonstration Site- Demonstration site allows users to train/practice using the system in an off-line format. Performs like the "Live" version and requires a unique login different from the regular system login. The slide show contains demonstration log-in link and instructions to access.

Other Supports for using the COPMS-RANDA Solutions Evaluation Tool

  • COPMS-RANDA Reports for Directors & Principals- The COPMS-RANDA Tool contains interactive charts and exported reports to provide principals evaluation data for their school. For directors, this function allows data to be looked at for single schools or groups of schools. The slide show details available reports.

  • COPMS List vs Connections View- Document illustrates the different "views" that can used to see the evaluation process in COPMS-RANDA for individual educators.